NLA Spiel 17, Aug. 08, 20

Challengers 33013002315173
Eagles 0020104007143
W: Patrone, S. L: Idelfonso, M. S: Girasole, A.
Siegrist, T. 2b5221000200112.283.441.370.810
Sedin, R. cf5231000300022.338.386.429.814
Castillo, D. 3b3333000310000.413.462.7391.201
  Blank, Th. 3b1100000000101.500.667.5001.167
Zeller, S. rf5111000100135.288.390.485.874
Sosa Marte, L. ss3313000100102.279.416.426.842
Nepomuceno, C. dh4022000200102.308.413.346.759
Cinardi, L. c4112000100101.283.362.383.746
Bättig Heredia, F. 1b6142000400004.500.556.5001.056
Burger, Th. lf51000000001210.
SF: Castillo, D., Sosa Marte, L.. RBI: Siegrist, T. (12), Sedin, R. (16), Castillo, D. 3 (18), Zeller, S. (16), Sosa Marte, L. 3 (17), Nepomuceno, C. 2 (7), Cinardi, L. 2 (10), Bättig Heredia, F. 2 (2). 2-out RBI: Castillo, D., Sosa Marte, L., Cinardi, L.. Batting with runners in scoring position: 10-24 (Siegrist, T. 2-3, Sedin, R. 1-2, Castillo, D. 1-1, Zeller, S. 1-4, Sosa Marte, L. 1-3, Nepomuceno, C. 1-2, Cinardi, L. 1-1, Bättig Heredia, F. 2-4, Burger, Th. 0-4). Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Siegrist, T. 1, Sedin, R. 1, Sosa Marte, L. 1, Bättig Heredia, F. 1, Burger, Th. 2. GIDP: Zeller, S., Burger, Th.. Team LOB: 12
SB: Castillo, D. (3,2nd base off Idelfonso/Rogers-MacDonald).
E: Blank, Th. (2,ground ball), Sosa Marte, L. (7,fly ball), Burger, Th. (2,ground ball). PB: Cinardi, L.. Outfield assists: Sedin, R. (Heller Mark at 3rd base). DP: 2(Siegrist T.-Sosa Marte L.-Bättig Heredia F.;Siegrist T.-Bättig Heredia F.)
Patrone, S. (W, 2-2)5.08320105.341.26
Girasole, A. (SV, 1)4.06432206.751.56
HBP: Sedin, R. (by Idelfonso), Sosa Marte, L. (by Ramirez Mendez), Nepomuceno, C. (by Ramirez Mendez), Cinardi, L. (by Ramirez Mendez). Batters faced: Patrone, S. 22, Girasole, A. 21. Ground Balls-Fly Balls: Patrone, S. 10-2, Girasole, A. 6-3. Game Score: Patrone, S. 42.
Idelfonso, M. p,ss,1b5220000200010
Greenberg, A. ss,p,ss4340100500100
Rogers-MacDonald, J. c4122100300003
Ramirez Mendez, D. 1b,p5123100300002
Lindegger, C. 3b5011000100002
Heller, M. lf5010100200011
Arata, N. cf5020000211002
Hurschler, M. 2b3000000000111
Ulrich, S. rf4000000000001
2B: Greenberg, A. (Girasole), Rogers-MacDonald, J. (Patrone), Ramirez Mendez, D. (Girasole), Heller, M. (Patrone). RBI: Rogers-MacDonald, J. 2, Ramirez Mendez, D. 3, Lindegger, C.. 2-out RBI: Greenberg, A.. Batting with runners in scoring position: 5-11 (Rogers-MacDonald, J. 1-2, Ramirez Mendez, D. 2-3, Lindegger, C. 1-2, Heller, M. 0-1, Arata, N. 1-2, Hurschler, M. 0-1). Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Rogers-MacDonald, J. 1, Ramirez Mendez, D. 1, Arata, N. 1, Hurschler, M. 1. GIDP: Lindegger, C., Ulrich, S.. Team LOB: 9
SB: Arata, N. (2nd base off Patrone/Cinardi). CS: Arata, N. (3rd base by Girasole/Cinardi).
E: Idelfonso, M. (fly ball), Hurschler, M. 2 (throw ;mishandle). Outfield assists: Ulrich, S. (Nepomuceno Carlos Miguel at home). DP: 3(Hurschler M.-Idelfonso M.-Ramirez Mendez D.;Ulrich S.-Rogers-MacDonald J.;Greenberg A.-Idelfonso M.)
Idelfonso, M. (L)4.0976250
Greenberg, A.3.0533120
Ramirez Mendez, D.2.0355410
HBP: Rogers-MacDonald, J. (by Girasole). Batters faced: Idelfonso, M. 25, Greenberg, A. 15, Ramirez Mendez, D. 14. Ground Balls-Fly Balls: Idelfonso, M. 4-3, Greenberg, A. 3-3, Ramirez Mendez, D. 1-2. Game Score: Idelfonso, M. 21.

Game Leaders

PlayerStatsGame Scores*
1. Castillo, David3-3, 3 RBI, 3 R, 1 SB71.5
2. Greenberg, Adam4-4, 3 R, 1 BB71.25
3. Bättig Heredia, Freddy4-6, 2 RBI, 1 R69.5
4. Sedin, Robert3-5, 1 RBI, 2 R67.25
5. Sosa Marte, Leonel de Jesus1-3, 3 RBI, 3 R, 1 BB67.25
* Batters Formula:
59 + Hits + Runs + .25*Walks + .25*HitByPitch + TotalBases + .25*StolenBases - .25*CaughtStealing + .25*SacFlies + .25*SacHits + RBIs - .25*Strikeouts - .25*Outs
* Pitchers Formula:
50 + 1 point for each out recorded + 2 points for each inning completed after the 4th + 1 point for each strikeout - 2 points for each hit allowed - 4 points for each earned run allowed - 2 points for each unearned run allowed - 1 point for each walk.)
Game Information
Umpires: Flyers Time: 1:45