Strong reaction from the Challengers

One day after the unsuccessful opening day, the Challengers struck back. And the answer was impressive. While the reigning champion lost to its local rivals Zurich Barracudas 1-13 on Friday, the Challengers turned the tables on Saturday and won 13-7.

While the offense failed the day before, this time the Challengers started strong. Coach Thomas Burger’s team seemed to have thoroughly analyzed the false start and made the right adjustments. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the championship team suddenly appeared on the pitch again. The Challengers opened the game with hits from James Sanders, Robert Sedin, Leonel Sosa Marte and Tobias Siegrist for a quick 3-0 lead. The Barracudas came back again, because the Challengers weren’t solid in defense today either, and took the lead of 5-3 in the fourth inning. Anyone who thought that the three runs at the start of the game was just a brief flare-up for the home team was quickly proven wrong.

With an RBI-double by Ryan Byrne in the fourth inning and an RBI-double by Säntis Zeller in the fifth inning, the Challengers tied the game again before the MVP of the championship season, James Sanders, put his colors at 7-5 with a 2-run double. And the C’s selt the deal in the seventh frame. The defending champions followed up with four more runs from Simon Steffen and James Sanders. Finally the offense produced 13 runs on 18 hits. The Challengers thus delivered an impressive reaction and also clocked in for the 2024 season a day late.


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