Cadets at the top of the standings

The U15 Cadets beat their cantonal rivals Rümlang Kobras twice in the top game of the Group East, thereby moving a little ahead at the top of the table with a 7-1 record.

The title holders started strong in the rematch of last year’s U15 final. The Challengers immediately put the opponent under pressure on offense and were already leading 9-2 after two innings. Fabrizio Bucher with a 2-run single and Noam Müller with an RBI double provided the highlights. The Challengers also consistently exploited the opponent’s mistakes. Although the Kobras cut the lead to four runs in the meantime, Ben Dickow had the right answer with a 2-run single. Ultimately the Challengers won 13-7. Fabrizio Bucher had three hits and three RBI, Noam Müller and Ben Dickow each scored two hits and Yannik Hobi scored two runs, while Jasper Freigang recorded his third win.

The second game was all about the pitchers. The batters on both sides were hard-pressed to score. The Challengers only managed three hits, but because Jasper Freigang, Ilai Blickenstorfer and Ben Dickow combined for a one-hitter, this was still enough to win again. Ilai Blickenstorfer equalized the Kobras’ early lead in the second inning with an RBI double before Jimmy Siemers put his team in front with an RBI. The score remained 2-1 until the fifth inning. There Ben Dickow brought Len Blickenstorfer home to make it 3-1 before the Challengers profited from a Kobras error and a wild pitch to finally win 5-1. Ilai Blickenstorfer took the win, giving up only one hit and two walks in three innings with five strikeouts.


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