Cadets pitch no-hitter, but still lose

The winning streak of the U15-Cadets has come to an abrupt halt. The so far undefeated Challengers leave the field twice as losers. Although they manage a rare no-hitter against the Hünenberg Unicorns, they still lose the game 1-2. After that, they get off track and lose again against the Rümlang Kobras.

Fabrizio Bucher and Philip Louis managed the rare feat of a combined no-hitter in the game against hosts Hünenberg Unicorns. The fact that even this wasn’t enough to win was on the one hand due to too many walks given up, nine in total, and on the other hand due to a weak offense, in which Maor Müller had the only two hits of the game. Ben Dickow tied the game at 1-1 in the second inning after a walk and three stolen bases including a steal at home. This was the Challengers’ only run, so a bases-loaded walk in the third inning brought the decision in favor of the Unicorns. The Zurich team brought the tying run to third base in the fifth inning, but did not manage to tie the game again.

The game against the Rümlang Kobras initially continued in a similar style. After two innings it was only 1-1. But then the Kobras were the first to untie the knot. With four runs in the third and three runs in the fourth inning, they pulled away 8-1. Although Fabrizio Bucher made it 2-8 and Noam Müller made it 3-8 with an RBI single, the Kobras responded with three more runs on their part. The Challengers’ four runs in the last inning were useless. Jimmy Siemers after a wild pitch, Ben Dickow and Fabrizio Bucher each with an RBI single and Bucher with a steal on home were only able to reduce to 7-11, which did not prevent the second loss of the day.


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