NLB-Team loses twice to Unicorns

The NLB-Team keeps up well with the strong Hünenberg Unicorns, but has a bad third inning in both games, the burden of which is too heavy.

The Central Swiss team is launching a new NLB-Team in the 2024 season. The Unicorns added a lot of quality so that they should be able to finish in the upper half of the standings. Nevertheless the Challengers held up well for long stretches. The reason for the two defeats was the third inning on both occasions. In the first game, the Unicorns erupted for nine runs for a 12-0 lead. But the home team showed good fighting spirit and scored six unanswered runs to make it 6-12. In the second game the Unicorns again pulled ahead in the third with seven runs to 10-2. Ultimately they won 13-3. The Challengers undoubtedly have room for improvement on offense. In both games they only managed a total of four hits.


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