Preparation Gamedays

The Swiss Baseball and Softball Federation has further refined the concept launched last year for the youngest age group of the U12 Juveniles with championship games and specially organized Preparation Gamedays for the new season.

In the Swiss Championship, which determines the best club team of the season, and the Little League, which determines the Swiss representation at the Little League tournament in Kutno, Poland in July, the focus is on competition. At the Preparation Gamedays the focus is on the individual development of the children and their preparation for the following games in their age groups. In contrast to the championship games, no license is required for these open game days for all interested children. While the club teams compete against each other in the championship, on the Preparation Gamedays will be played in mixed teams. The coach pitch tournaments are played with simple rules, while the live pitch tournaments have rules that are closer to championships and Little League tournaments.

The first Preparation Gamedays took place this weekend in the best possible conditions. The youngest Challengers players were in action at the live pitch tournament in Hünenberg on Saturday and at the coach pitch tournament in Rümlang on Sunday. Next Saturday the first championship games of the 2024 season will take place in Rümlang.


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