Softball-Team loses against reigning champions

At the start of the softball season was a re-match of the finals of the last two years between the Challengers and the reigning champions Wittenbach Panthers. Due to various departures, the Challengers’ burdens are spread over fewer shoulders this year. Nevertheless, they will be in the race for a spot in the finals again.

The Opening Day at the Klopstockwiese showed that there is quite a gap to the best team of the league. The home team was able to stay within striking distance for a long time in Game 1. After the Panthers led by five runs after the third, Amanda Marxer and Molly Mullens brought their colors back up to 6-9 in the fourth inning. In the end, however, the offensively very strong guests prevailed 15-6. Even if the result was a bit too clear, the offensive output with 13-5 hits and an impressive seven extra base hits by the Panthers was the difference. The Challengers couldn’t keep up here, but they also showed what they are capable of with several nice plays. Tamara Ammeter and Molly Mullens each had two hits for the Challengers, while Amanda Marxer and Mullens each scored two runs.

The second game instead was decided relatively quickly. After a costly error, the visitors pulled away to 10-3 after just two innings and brought the victory home with ease with a final result of 17-6. Isabelle Tan with two hits and Simona Cellar and Taylor McCants delivered the hits for the Challengers while Marina Vaccaro Brüderli scored two of the six runs. After the two defeats on opening day, the Challengers will be happy that the next opponents will not be of the caliber of the reigning champions Wittenbach.


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