Softball-Team wins fifth in a row

The Softball-Team collected two more wins against the Frogs in Sissach, so that the Challengers are riding a five game winning streak since the defeat in the opening game against the title holders Wittenbach Panthers. They are in second place in the standings with a 5-1 record.

The Challengers, who were severely weakened, got support from their neighbors Zurich Barracudas. The two talented young players Riona and Solana Lutz supported the Challengers in the Baselbiet. Thanks to strong performances in the pitcher’s circle, they got the two wins. This was also thanks to a solid defense, which played very confidently despite many changes. The C’s were only able to set a few accents on offense, but they remained patient at the plate and often got on base through walks, which they were regularly able to complete with successful runs. Finally the Challengers won 13-8 and 11-1.


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