Four wins in a row for the Softball-Team

The Softball-Team wins twice against the Lucerne Eagles at the Klopstockwiese. While they make the difference in the second half of the game after a tight start in game 1, they tenaciously defend an early 5-run lead in game 2 until the end.

In the opener, the Challengers set the course for victory in the third inning. An RBI-single from Mindy Siemers first leveled the 3-4 deficit before a hit-by-pitch to Taylor McCants with loaded bases gave the home team the lead for the first time. Carmen Lutz-Demetz followed with a 2-run single before an RBI groundout from Isabelle Tan, an RBI bunt single from Simona Cellar and a 2-run single from Leandra Simitovic made it 11-4. Although the Central Swiss team reduced the lead again to 8-11, the Challengers ended the game with five hits and seven runs to make it 18-8 after four innings thanks to the mercy rule.

Taylor McCants stood out from a strong collective with three hits, four RBI and three runs, while Amanda Marxer scored three runs and Carmen Lutz-Demetz and Isabelle Tan each contributed three RBIs.

In Game 2, the Challengers’ goal had to be to get into the third inning with a lead. Because after the first two innings, in which according to the regulations U22 pitchers have to pitch, the Eagles would have the strong Rio Sanchez in the pitcher’s circle. The C’s implemented the plan. They scored ten runs with ten hits, while Amanda Marxer gave up just five runs, giving her team the lead for good. The defense around pitcher Leandra Simitovic was able to hold on, while Tamara Ammeter with two RBI singles and a run scored ensured that the Challengers added a little safety margin.

Ammeter finished the game with a strong four hits, four RBI and three runs, but was even bettered by Isabelle Tan with four hits, RBI and runs each. Taylor McCants, Simona Cellar, Marina Vaccaro Brüderli and Anna Zgraggen all recorded a multi-hit game in the hard-fought 13-10 win.


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