NLB-Team with huge rally, but still on the losing end

For the second time this week the Zurich Barracudas Academy and the Zurich Challengers faced each other on Saturday. night. The C’s won 15-5 on Wednesday, but initially lacked everything on Saturday that had characterized them winning three days ago. In the sixth inning, however, they turned the game around spectacularly, only to ultimately leave the field as losers, 13-14.

At first only the Academy played. Toxic in every at bat and rock solid on defense, the young Barracudas held an 8-0 lead well into the fourth inning. The Challengers then also signed up for the game with an RBI single from Andreas Rüdisühli and a bases loaded walk from Patrick Zöllig. In the sixth inning the Challengers finally reached operating temperature. They made nine runs from no less than ten hits and suddenly found themselves leading 12-11.

Noam Blickenstorfer opened the rally with a single, followed by a single by Adderly Sarmiento, before Tobias Siegrist brought home the first runs with a 2-run single. Thomas Landis with a double, Florin Kampfer with a 2-run single, Kurt Kovac with an RBI single and Jacob Stotz with a 2-run single continued to gain ground before Adderly Sarmiento with another 2-run single put the Challengers ahead with a score of 12-11.

In line with this crazy course of play, the Barracudas came back again. With two errors, the Challengers defense helped the Academy to regain a 2-run lead. In the end, this was enough. Closer Seiya Eigenheer gave up a lead-off double and a run against Thomas Landis, but ended the game with two strikeouts to walk away with a 14-13 win for the Barracudas.


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