Cadets finish in 1st place

The U15 Cadets win on their last game day of the preliminary round against the SG Black Hawks and the Rümlang Kobras. They secured first place in the east group and will meet the runners-up in the west group in the semi-finals. Who this will be is still open.
The Challengers played the game against the SG Black Hawks confidently this time. This was different from previous encounters this season, but on Saturday the Challengers pulled away 15-0 in the fastest way possible and finally won 22-6. Noam Müller and Fabrizio Bucher each had three hits, Jasper Freigang collected four RBI with a 3-run home run and Ben Dickow with a 2-run home run, and Jimmy Siemers contributed three RBI each to the success.
1st place was decided in the last game between the defending champions Rümlang Kobras and last year’s finalists Challengers. It was already clear that the winner ends the preliminary round in first place. At first it looked like the home team was on the way to achieve the goal. Solana Lutz put her colors up 3-0 with a 2-run double in the third inning. But then the Challengers stamped in. RBI doubles from Noam Müller and Fabrizio Bucher closed the gap for the Challengers to 2-3, and after a wild pitch and an error by the Kobras, the visitors were suddenly 4-3 ahead after three innings. And the Challengers increased the pace again. With an RBI double from Jasper Freigang and an RBI single from Fabrizio Bucher, they pulled away to 6-3 and even went out of the fourth inning with a 9-3 lead. Jasper Freigang pitched a complete game and didn’t let anything burn in the fifth inning either.

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Challengers games on Thursday and Saturday

On Thursday evening, July 6th, there will be a Make-up game in the NLB championship at the Heerenschürli ballpark. The Challengers meet the Zurich Barracudas Academy. The game will start at 7 p.m.
On the Züri-Fäscht Saturday the Softball-Team will be playing its next home game day at the Klopstockwiese. The Challengers will try to extend their seven game winning streak also against the Bern Cardinals. Games start at 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.
The U15-Cadets will also be in action on Saturday. They play in Rümlang against the SG Black Hawks and the Rümlang Kobras. The games start at 12:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. in Rümlang Rümelbach.

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Cadets start July with two wins

The U15-Cadets have no trouble against the Black Hawks and win twice clearly. Three Challengers players hit a home run.
In the first game it quickly was clear which team would be the winner. The Challengers were already leading 8-0 after two innings and they even expanded this to a 13-2 lead by the end. Jasper Freigang with a 2-run home run in the second inning and Jordi Bucher with a 2-run home run in the third provided the offensive highlights, while Fabrizio Bucher delivered three hits.
The afternoon game was almost a copy of the opener. This time the Challengers were leading by a maximum of 10-0 after two innings. Again the Black Hawks only got a few runs at the very end, which didn’t change the Challengers’ easy 16-4 victory. Ilai Blickenstorfer belted a 2-run home run in the fourth inning. He finished the game with two hits and three RBIs, while Noam Müller had two hits and scored three runs. Müller also was credited with the win with three scoreless innings, giving up just one hit and two walks while striking out three.

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Cadets with split in Wil

The U15-Cadets left the field in Wil on Saturday with one win and one loss. While they were in front from the start in Game 1, the lead changed no less than six times in Game 2, with the better ending for the eastern Swiss.
The guests from Zurich got off to a good start, which was rewarded with a 3-0 lead. Things evened out a bit after that, after four innings the Challengers led by 7-3 before they decided the game with eight runs in the fifth inning and ultimately won 15-7. Jasper Freigang had three hits, including two doubles, five RBI and two runs, Noam Müller delivered three hits, three RBI and three runs, and Niilo Benz also had three RBI.
The second game of the day was a back and forth. The lead changed after almost every offense. The Challengers went out of the first inning with a 4-2 lead. They later led 9-7 and after four innings again 13-10. In the fifth frame Wil scored six runs, which the Challengers were no longer able to counter. Despite a hit from Aaron Schütz and a triple from Jordi Bucher, they only managed one run and lost 14-16. Noam Müller and Philip Louis each delivered two hits and scored three runs each for the Challengers.

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Cadets beat Unicorns twice

The U15 Cadets won twice against the Hünenberg Unicorns in Embrach on Saturday. While the first game was a true thriller, game two had only one direction.
In the first game the guests from Central Switzerland got off to a better start. They took a 5-0 lead in the first two innings. The Challengers also clocked in with a little delay and subsequently ensured an exciting course of the game. Philip Louis brought home the first Challengers run in the bottom half of the second inning, scored the second run and turned the game around with a three-run in-the-park home run in the third inning to make it 6-5. Jordi Bucher answered the Unicorns’ equalization in the fourth inning with the go-ahead run and with an RBI double, Fabrizio Bucher brought Noam Müller home to make it 8-6. After that the Unicorns were only able to reduce the lead to 7-8, but couldn’t equalize anymore. Noam Müller got the win, Philip Louis the save.
In the second game the Challengers were in control from the start. After two innings, the scoreboard showed the maximum possible margin of 10-0 according to the rules. In the end the Challengers won 14-2. Philip Louis again led the way with three hits and three runs, while Jasper Freigang and Fabrice Cadalbert each contributed two hits and two RBIs to the win.

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Cadets back on the winning track

The U15-Cadets wanted to find their way back on the winning track after the two defeats on the last gameday. They managed to do so on Saturday in Embrach, even if the games went very differently than expected.
The Challengers had extreme difficulties against the SG Blackhawks, who have not yet won a game this season. But the Blackhawks played their best game of the season offensively, bringing the Challengers to the brink of a defeat. The C’s just got their heads out of the noose with a walk-off win in the bottom of the fifth inning and celebrated a nerve-wracking 14-13 victory.
In the second game of the day there was revenge against the Hünenberg Unicorns, against whom the Challengers pitched a no-hitter but still lost the game 1-2. However anyone who had expected another tough struggle was completely wrong. The Challengers dominated in all aspects of the game and won easily with 17-1.

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NLA faces Wil, U12 plays Wild Card Tournament

A curiosity awaits the NLA-Team next Sunday. The Challengers meet the Wil Pirates three times. Before the actually planned double header on the Heerenschürli takes place, the last inning of a game that has been suspended in April due to rain has to be completed. The game was stoped in the bottom of the seventh inning with one out and a 14-10 lead for the Challengers. There are still two outs to play. The trilogy begins at 10.45 a.m. at the Heerenschürli ballpark.
The NLB-Team travels to Lucerne on Saturday, where they will meet the Lucerne Eagles. In the first meeting of the season in Zurich, they suffered two painful defeats against the central Swiss. The games start at 11 am and 2 pm in Reussbühl Hinterruopigen.
The U15-Cadets are also in action on Saturday. After the two defeats last weekend, a reaction is to be expected. After the opening game against the SG Black Hawks, the C’s will play again against the Hünenberg Unicorns. The games will take place in Embrach PZ Hard and start at 10 am and 3 pm.
The Softball-Team also meets the Luzern Eagles on Sunday, June 11th. In the case of the women’s team, the first comparison this season went in favor of the Challengers. The games start at 11 am and 1.30 pm in Reussbühl Hinterruopigen.
The U12-Juveniles are in action on the Klopstockwiese on Sunday. As runners-up in the Central group, they are contesting the wild card tournament for fourth place at the Final Four tournament on June 18 in Hünenberg. The Challengers Juniors play at 10 am and 3 pm.

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Cadets pitch no-hitter, but still lose

The winning streak of the U15-Cadets has come to an abrupt halt. The so far undefeated Challengers leave the field twice as losers. Although they manage a rare no-hitter against the Hünenberg Unicorns, they still lose the game 1-2. After that, they get off track and lose again against the Rümlang Kobras.
Fabrizio Bucher and Philip Louis managed the rare feat of a combined no-hitter in the game against hosts Hünenberg Unicorns. The fact that even this wasn’t enough to win was on the one hand due to too many walks given up, nine in total, and on the other hand due to a weak offense, in which Maor Müller had the only two hits of the game. Ben Dickow tied the game at 1-1 in the second inning after a walk and three stolen bases including a steal at home. This was the Challengers’ only run, so a bases-loaded walk in the third inning brought the decision in favor of the Unicorns. The Zurich team brought the tying run to third base in the fifth inning, but did not manage to tie the game again.
The game against the Rümlang Kobras initially continued in a similar style. After two innings it was only 1-1. But then the Kobras were the first to untie the knot. With four runs in the third and three runs in the fourth inning, they pulled away 8-1. Although Fabrizio Bucher made it 2-8 and Noam Müller made it 3-8 with an RBI single, the Kobras responded with three more runs on their part. The Challengers’ four runs in the last inning were useless. Jimmy Siemers after a wild pitch, Ben Dickow and Fabrizio Bucher each with an RBI single and Bucher with a steal on home were only able to reduce to 7-11, which did not prevent the second loss of the day.

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Softball Derby in Rümlang

On Saturday, the first Zurich Softball derby of the season will take place in Rümlang between the Zurich Barracudas and the Zurich Challengers. It is also the duel behind the reigning champion Wittenbach. The Challengers are in third place with four wins and two losses, while the Barracudas are still clean sheets after four games played. The games will take place at 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. in Rümlang Rümelbach.
The U15-Cadets will also be in action on Saturday. They will meet the Hünenberg Unicorns and the Rümlang Kobras in Hünenberg. The Challengers will look to maintain their unbeaten run this season. The games start at 10 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. in Hünenberg Rony.
On Saturday evening there will also be a rematch of the NLB Zurich derby between the Zurich Barracudas Academy and the Zurich Challengers in the Heerenschürli ballpark. The game starts at 6 p.m.
The 1st League-Team concludes the game day. The third team of the Challengers welcomes the Zurich Eighters and the SG Wittenbach-Romanshorn/Wil Devils to the Heerenschürli ballpark on Sunday, June 4th. Games start at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

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Two W’s for the Cadets

The U15 Cadets win twice against the SG Pirates on Sunday, but they also have to deal with the nasty conditions that prevent a nice game.
The Challengers started promising. After a so-called three-up, three-down inning, they got four runs in the first inning after hits by Jordi Bucher, Noam Müller, Fabrizio Bucher and Ben Dickow. The guests from Eastern Switzerland needed a while to find their way into the game, but they also punched in in the third round and reduced the lead to 2-5. They immediately got two quick outs on defense, but after walks by Yannik Hobi and Niilo Benz, Fabrice Cadalbert with an RBI single and Niilo Benz, who scored on an error made sure that the difference was five runs again. With five more runs in the fourth inning the C’s made it 12-2 in the end.
Noam Müller and Fabrice Cadalbert each had two hits, while Jasper Freigang was credited with the win by giving up just two runs and three hits with three walks and seven strikeouts. However, the success was marred by the injury of Yannik Hobi, who unfortunately injured his wrist. The guests also suffered an injury. We wish both players a fast recovery.
In game two the Challengers had the better start into the game again. Already in the first inning they checked out with five runs and after two runs by the Pirates the Challengers added five more runs with three doubles in the second frame. Jordi Bucher and Jimmy Siemers scored on a 2-run double from Jasper Freigang, Fabrizio Bucher hit an RBI-double and Philipp Louis brought home Ben Dickow for a 10-2 lead. While the Challengers then eased off a bit, Wil speeded up. With five runs in the third and two more runs in the fourth, they reduced the deficit to 10-14. But the Challengers weren’t done yet. Aaron Schütz and Ilai Blickenstorfer scored the first two of a total of six runs in the last inning, meaning that game two was also a 20-11 win for Zurich.

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