Softball-Team defeats Eagles twice

The Softball-Team had an extremely difficult time with the Eagles in the first game day in Zurich. The re-match in Lucerne was surprisingly one-sided, although the Challengers started with a handicap.

They lacked a U22 age group pitcher, who has to pitch the first two innings of a game. This is punished with ten so-called penalty runs. The fact that it was still enough to secure two victories was due to a disciplined performance by the Challengers offense, which relentlessly exploited the weaknesses of the opposing pitching.

In the first game the C’s scored no less than 26 runs for a 26-10 win. Taylor McCants had three hits and five RBI, Molly Mullens had two hits and four RBI, and Carmen Lutz-Demetz and Leandra Simitovic had two hits and three RBI each.

Game 2 was much tighter. Against the American pitcher Rio Sanchez, the Challengers needed until the sixth inning to compensate for the 10-run deficit and a Leandra Simitovic, who was able to calm the opposing bats. She gave up just three hits but no runs in five innings with two walks and five strikeouts for her second win of the season. In the offense Carmen Lutz-Demetz and Leandra Simitovic were again among the driving forces with three hits and four RBI each, while Tamara Ammeter scored three runs. Thanks to three runs in the seventh inning this resulted in a 16-13 win.


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