NLA Spiel 12, Jul. 27, 19

Frogs 0301003007103
Challengers 001000000182
W: Girasole, A. L: Haltmeier, S. S: Imboden, T.
Maldonado, R. cf4011000100204
Castillo, D. ss5000000000016
Eichhorst, T. c5110100200011
Rodriguez Villarreal, J. lf,1b3222001500100
  Traina, D. 1b1000000000000
Brito, C. 1b,lf5110000100021
  Oviedo Mejia, J. lf0000000000000
  Oviedo Mejia, J. lf0000000000000
Guzman, J. 2b3220000210100
Imboden, T. dh,p4111000100003
Wick, S. 3b4022000200001
Romang, M. rf4001000000015
2B: Eichhorst, T. (Haltmeier). HR: Rodriguez Villarreal, J. (7th inning off Siegrist 1 on,1 out). S: Guzman, J.. RBI: Maldonado, R., Rodriguez Villarreal, J. 2, Imboden, T., Wick, S. 2, Romang, M.. 2-out RBI: Maldonado, R., Imboden, T.. Batting with runners in scoring position: 5-13 (Maldonado, R. 1-3, Castillo, D. 0-2, Rodriguez Villarreal, J. 1-1, Imboden, T. 1-2, Wick, S. 2-3, Romang, M. 0-2). Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Maldonado, R. 1, Castillo, D. 3, Imboden, T. 1, Wick, S. 1. GIDP: Castillo, D.. Team LOB: 11
SB: Guzman, J. (2nd base off Siegrist/Donnels).
E: Castillo, D. (ground ball), Guzman, J. (throw), Romang, M. (mishandle). DP: 1(Guzman Sosa J.-Castillo D.-Traina D.)
Girasole, A. (W)5.0610250
Imboden, T. (SV)4.0200010
HBP: Imboden, T. (by Haltmeier). Batters faced: Girasole, A. 24, Imboden, T. 15. Ground Balls-Fly Balls: Girasole, A. 3-6, Imboden, T. 6-4. Game Score: Girasole, A. 56.
Zeller, S. 2b,rf4041000410100.324.405.459.864
Sedin, R. ss3010000100002.378.473.5781.051
Donnels, T. c5000000000028.444.467.5561.022
Siegrist, T. 3b,p3000000000115.386.491.477.968
Watanabe, T. lf,cf4010000100005.414.500.483.983
Sanders, J. dh,3b4010000110001.
Nepomuceno, C. 1b4010000101001.308.400.487.887
Steffen, S. cf2000000000021.
  Colindres, F. ph,2b2000000000002.
Cinardi, L. rf,lf4100000000011.
RBI: Zeller, S. (8). Batting with runners in scoring position: 1-12 (Zeller, S. 1-1, Donnels, T. 0-4, Siegrist, T. 0-3, Watanabe, T. 0-2, Steffen, S. 0-1, Cinardi, L. 0-1). Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Siegrist, T. 1, Watanabe, T. 2, Steffen, S. 1, Cinardi, L. 1. GIDP: Siegrist, T.. Team LOB: 11
SB: Zeller, S. (4,2nd base off Girasole/Eichhorst), Sanders, J. (6,3rd base off Girasole/Eichhorst). CS: Nepomuceno, C. (1,2nd base by Girasole/Eichhorst).
E: Nepomuceno, C. (2,muffed throw). DP: 1(Zeller S.-Nepomuceno C.)
Haltmeier, S. (L, 2-2)6.17553306.171.80
Siegrist, T.2.23221217.311.38
WP: Siegrist, T.. HBP: Sedin, R. 2 (by Girasole ,by Imboden). Batters faced: Haltmeier, S. 30, Siegrist, T. 13. Ground Balls-Fly Balls: Haltmeier, S. 9-6, Siegrist, T. 2-4. Game Score: Haltmeier, S. 39.

Game Leaders

PlayerStatsGame Scores*
1. Rodriguez Villarreal, Javier Jose2-3, 1 HR, 2 RBI, 2 R, 1 BB70
2. Zeller, Saentis4-4, 1 RBI, 1 BB, 1 SB68.5
3. Guzman Sosa, Juan Agustin2-3, 2 R, 1 BB, 1 SB65.5
4. Wick, Stephan2-4, 2 RBI64.5
5. Imboden, Tobias1-4, 1 RBI, 1 R62.5
* Batters Formula:
59 + Hits + Runs + .25*Walks + .25*HitByPitch + TotalBases + .25*StolenBases - .25*CaughtStealing + .25*SacFlies + .25*SacHits + RBIs - .25*Strikeouts - .25*Outs
* Pitchers Formula:
50 + 1 point for each out recorded + 2 points for each inning completed after the 4th + 1 point for each strikeout - 2 points for each hit allowed - 4 points for each earned run allowed - 2 points for each unearned run allowed - 1 point for each walk.)
Game Information
Umpires: Hubler / Gressani Time: 2:49