Challengers vs. Frogs

The NLA-Team (3-5) will face the Sissach Frogs (1-3) on Sunday, May 18 in what will be the last league game for the Challengers at the Old Heerenschürli. The games start at 11am and 2pm.

The 1.Liga-Team (2-2) travels to Embrach on Sunday, May 18 where they will face the Jona Bandits and the Embrach Rainbows. The games start at 10am and 12.30pm at Klinik Hard.

The U15 Cadets head to Rapperswil-Jona on Saturday, May 17 where they will play against the Vikings/Devils (2pm) and the Lions/Rainbows/Bandits in a rematch of last year’s playoff final series (4pm).
The Zurich Pilots will play their third game of the season on Sunday at Wil. The U12-team with players from the Embrach Rainbows, the Zurich Lions and the Challengers will face the Sissach Frogs at noon.


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