C’s lose Game 3, Cardinals win NLB-Final

The NLB-Team lost the deciding Game 3 of the NLB-Final series on Saturday, October 19 against the Bern Cardinals. After the Challengers took Game 1, the Cardinals turned things around by winning Game 2 and 3 to defend their NLB title.


The Cardinals built an early lead, while the C's fought strong, as they limited the deficit to five runs after seven frames to keep the hopes alive. But the Cardinals shut the door to eventually walk away with a 17-4 victory to win the crown.


The C's NLB-Team played its best season since 2002, as they won the last of their three Swiss Champion titles. After finishing the preeliminary round in third place, they beat the Therwil Flyers 2-1 in the semi-finals and were just one win away from winning the championship.


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