Ladies can’t win vs. Barracudas

The Softball-Team lost also the fourth local derby against the Zürich Barracudas this season on Thursday, June 28, but it was the first time that there was no doubt about which team will win the game. The Barracudas scored in each of the first four innings, while Marisa Everitt held the Challengers’ bats quiet, as the Barracudas posted a 6-1 victory over the C’s. The Challengers are now two games behind the fourth placed Barracudas with a 7-9 record.

Leandra Simitovic, Alexia Zingg and Sandrine Montandon had the only hits for the C’s, while Elise Beguelin’s twelve strikeout performance was not enough, as she allowed six runs – four of them earned – and ten hits.

The Challengers will travel to Therwil on Sunday, July 15, where they will face the first-placed Flyers.


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