Challengers finish in 3rd place



The Challengers finished the 18th Zurich Spring Tournament at the Heerenschürli ballpark in third place with a 1-2 record. The C's lost both games on Saturday, so they were out of the race for the title early on. In the opener the C's have been edged in the last frame by the tournament's co-host Zürich Barracudas 3-2, later in the afternoon the C's lost to the Dominican All Stars as well, this time with a score of 3-6. The Dominicans won their second game against the Herrenberg Wanderers from Germany and with the Barracudas doing the same, both teams clinched the final berth on Saturday already.


On Sunday the Challengers played their last game against the Wanderers and the C's posted a 10-3 victory, their first in 2015. In the final the Dominican All Stars led 5-2 in the last inning, but the Barracudas rallied for four runs to walk away with the trophy for the fourth time in tournament's history and for the first time since 2008 with a 6-5 victory.


Juniors Indoor season ended in Rümlang


The Challengers Juniors played their last indoor tournament of the 2015 season on Saturday, March 21 at Rümlang. The U12-Juveniles and the U15-Cadets both finished in third place. The Juveniles improved a lot during the winter season finishing the tournament with a 1-2 record, after a 7-6 win over the Lions/Rainbows, a 5-7 loss to the Therwil Flyers and a 1-6 against the Rümlang Kobras.


The U15-Cadets played together with the Dulliken TruckStar and the Bern Cardinals. The SG lost to the Kobras and Thun Hunters, won against the Black Hawks and tied with the Flyers. In the game for third place the SG walked away with a last inning victory. 


The outdoor season will start on April 26 for the U12-Juveniles and on May 17 for the U15-Cadets.

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1. Byrne, R. 14   1. Byrne, R. 43   1. Martinez, J. 2
2. Martinez, J. 11   2. Sedin, R. 42   2. Sedin, R. 1
3. Sedin, R. 11   3. Reyes, E. 41   3. Tomas Tabilis, A. 1
4. Siegrist, T. 9   4. Siegrist, T. 32   4. Zeller, S. 1
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1. Kovac, Ku. 33   1. De la Rosa Bautista, J. 1.235   1. De la Rosa Bautista, J. 1
2. Azuma, Y. 22   2. Nepomuceno, C. 1.163   2. Nepomuceno, C. 1
3. De la Rosa Bautista, J. 18   3. Kovac, Ku. 1.078   3.    
4. Nepomuceno, C. 10   4. Falcone, F. .827   4.    
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1. Simitovic, L. 56   1. Grass, C. 18   1. Shepard, V. 24
2. Grass, C. 49   2. Oswald, G. 10   2. Simitovic, L. 21
3. Oswald, G. 47   3. Weber, R. 8   3. Grass, C. 20
4. Shepard, V. 44   4. Dübendorfer, I. 8   4. Rölli, J. 14
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