International Volunteer Day

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Friday, December 5 is the International Volunteer Day. The Challengers Baseball & Softball Club would like to thank all its volunteers for their commitment throughout the year.


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Challengers General Assembly


The 35th Challengers' General Assembly took place on Sunday, November 30 at the restaurant Linde Oberstrass in Zurich. The main topics of the General Assembly were the joint efforts and the commitment to the organization. Simona Cellar and Adderly Sarmiento resigned after two years in the board. They are replaced by Meret Roth and Carlos Nepomuceno, who have been elected as new members of the board. President Adrian Kämpfer has been re-elected.

The upcoming season the Softball-Team will participate at the Swiss championship with an independent team again. Furthermore the co-operation with the Dulliken Truck Star will continue for the 1st League-Team and the Juniors-Teams. NLA headcoach Chris Palatinus resigned. He will stay with the club as the sporting director.

Ryan Byrne (Baseball NLA), Juan Carlos de la Rosa Bautista (Baseball NLB), Andreas Rüdisühli (Baseball 1st League) and Leandra Simitovic (Softball) were the recipients of their team's MVP trophies.


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Byrne Swiss MVP, Sedin Best Batter



Challengers player Ryan Byrne was named MVP of the Swiss National League A at the Swiss Federation's General Assembly on Saturday, November 29 at the House of Sports in Ittigen. Byrne finished the season with a .417 batting average, 43 hits, 17 RBI and 27 runs scored and added a 8-6 record with a 2.47 ERA and 4 saves from the mound, while setting a new single season record in the NLA with 182 strikeouts.

In addition to that Robert Sedin was named the Swiss NLA's Best Batter for the second time after 2012. Sedin batted .462 with 42 hits, 12 doubles, 1 homer, 15 RBI's and 37 runs scored. Gavin Guarrera from the Therwil Flyers was named Best Pitcher, while Corina Casparis from the Luzern Eagles was credited with the Softball MVP award.

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Challengers Softball-Team is back


The Challengers Softball players will participate at the 2015 Swiss championship with their own team again. After the two Zurich based clubs Barracudas and Challengers had a cooperation in 2014 with a combined softball team due to staffing shortage, the two organizations will go their own way in 2015. The young Challengers team with head coach Leandra Simitovic will try to clinch a playoff berth.

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C's and Truck Star extend cooperation


The Zürich Challengers and the Truck Star Dulliken extend their cooperation for the upcoming year and will participate at the Swiss championships with combined teams. It will be the fifth consecutive season the two organizations will collaborate. Their teams will participate at the U12-Juveniles, U15-Cadets and U18-Juniors championships and as in 2014 with a combined team in the 1st League again.

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Challengers lose Game 5, Flyers move into Finals


The Challengers lost the winner-takes-it-all Game 5 on Sunday, September 28, as the Flyers edged the C's 6-5. The team of head coach Chris Palatinus opened the score with two runs in the top of the first inning but couldn't hold on. Trailing 3-6 in the top of the ninth, the C's came within one run, but the Flyers recorded the third out with the tying run on second base to eventually move into the Finals.


With the defeat the Challengers' season ends in the semi-finals for the third consecutive year. The Flyers will play the Zürich Barracudas in the Finals with Game 1 taking place at the Heerenschürli ballpark on Saturday, October 4.

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1. Sedin, R. 37   1. Siegrist, T. 24   1. Byrne, R. 43
2. Byrne, R. 27   2. Reyes, E. 21   2. Sedin, R. 42
3. Reyes, E. 15   3. Byrne, R. 17   3. Reyes, E. 41
4. Bregy, H. 14   4. Sedin, R. 15   4. Siegrist, T. 32
More NLA Leaders


1. De la Rosa Bautista, J. .705   1. Azuma, Y. 17   1. De la Rosa Bautista, J. 1.235
2. Nepomuceno, C. .610   2. Kovac, Ku. 17   2. Nepomuceno, C. 1.163
3. Kovac, Ku. .554   3. De la Rosa Bautista, J. 15   3. Kovac, Ku. 1.078
4. Falcone, F. .421   4. Sarmiento, A. 14   4. Falcone, F. .827
More NLB Leaders


1. Shepard, V. .592   1. Oswald, G. 5   1. Grass, C. 11
2. Grass, C. .586   2. Shepard, V. 3   2. Dübendorfer, I. 6
3. Rölli, J. .489   3. Grass, C. 2   3. Cellar, S. 5
4. Simitovic, L. .424   4. Litscher, J. 1   4. Shepard, V. 4
More Softball Leaders

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