1st League-Team wins twice

The 1st League-Team arrived in the win column at the final game day of the Round Robin. The SG TruckStar/Challengers stopped their 8-game losing streak on Saturday, July 18 at Sissach winning both games of the day. The SG posted first a 10-7 victory over the Zürich Eighters, before adding a 14-5 win over the Sissach Frogs. The SG scored eight runs in the first inning and held on to win the battle. Dominic Gisin, Jeffrey Pomuceno and Sandro Schlumpf scored two runs apiece, while Werner Zingg collected two RBI’s.

With that the SG TruckStar/Challengers finishes the preeliminary round in sixth place with a 2-8 record. It will face the Zürich Eighters, the Zürich Lions and the Sissach Frogs in the round for ninth place.


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