Battle for fourth place on Sunday

The NLA-Team will face the Lausanne Indians in a battle for fourth place on Sunday, August 17. The two teams are in a tie with a 9-7 record each. The winner of the double-header will most likely clinch a playoff berth. The games will be played at 11am and 2pm in Sierre Stade de Pont-Chalais, because the field in Lausanne is not available.

The Softball-Team (3-5) will host the Reussbühl Eagles (2-4) on Saturday, August 16 at the Klopstockwiese. The Ladies will try to halt their team-record six game losing streak. The games start at noon and 2.30 pm.

The 1.Liga-Team (6-4) will travel to Romanshorn, where they will face the Romanshorn Submarines (6-4) on Sunday, August 17. The game will start at 1.30pm at Romanshorn Weitenzelg.


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