Challengers get beat up

The Challengers’ NLA-team lost two crucial games against a strong Lausanne Indians team. The Indians’ batters were swinging pretty well all day, and the Challengers couldn’t withstand the scorching heat and the painstaking minute-long discussions with the Indian players, going down 11-4 and 13-10. At several points of the doubleheader, the Indians were on the verge of one of their players getting sent off the field. Discussions after each pitch that didn’t go the Indians’ way made the second contest of the day an extremely long and forgettable one.
One positive of the weekend was the Barracudas’ surprising 11-3 loss to the Embrach Rainbows, enabling the Challengers to maintain a 1-game lead over their arch rivals for second place overall. In Sunday’s other doubleheader, the Bern Cardinals wrapped up their second consecutive pennant by beating the Sissach Frogs 13-2 and 17-4.


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