False start

In a disastrous start to the 2007 campaign, the Challengers got hammered by the Bern Cardinals 14-4 and 18-0.
While bad defense ruined any chances for a win in Game 1, the Challengers’ offense got shut down by John Baum in Game 2 who tossed a perfect game, which ended after six innings on the mercy rule.
Now the Challengers have to go over their books and try to fix their holes. Help is on the way as coach Andy Fleischacker will arrive on Monday, and Patrick Zöllig will return to the lineup for the Challengers’ next doubleheader. Saentis Zeller will return by mid-May after sitting out his suspension, and Joel Cox is on the way of returning to the lineup from his injury. Furthermore,  talks have started with possible new pitching candidates who would join the rotation.


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