Ladies arrive in win column

The Softball-Team recorded its first win of the season on Saturday, May 11, as the Challengers held on for an 8-7 victory against the Bern Cardinals. The C's almost blew a six-run lead, but Leandra Simitovic worked out of the jam, striking out Pamela Kellenberger to end the game with the tying run on third base. Simitovic and Simona Cellar delivered two hits and scored two runs each, while Jennifer Montague drove in two runs.


Game 2 was dominated by Cardinals pitcher Monica Alnes and her rise ball, as she didn't allow any hit between the second and the sixth frame and the Cardinals put things out of reach with a four-run fourth inning  to eventually win 5-1. American Macy Morgan made her first start for the Challengers, but was interrupted by a 40 minutes rain delay after the second inning, before a two-run double by Pamela Kellenberger chased her after 3.1 innings of work. Simona Cellar delivered two hits, while Ziegylou Wehrli scored the only run for the Challengers in the seventh frame.


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