NLB-Team sweeps Bandits, qualifies for semi-final

The NLB-Team won twice on Saturday, September 13 at the Heerenschürli ballpark to sweep the Jona Bandits in their best-of-three quarter-final series. The Challengers took Game 1, as they posted a 7-2 win over the Bandits. Oli Christen held the Bandits under control to secure the 16th win of the year. And the C's added an 18-6 victory, as they scored four runs in the second frame and added eleven in the third to put things out of reach.

The Sissach Frogs and the Zürich Barracudas also qualified for the semi-finals, while the series between the Wil Devils and the Hünenberg Unicorns will start on Sunday.


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