Baseball National Team at EC in Croatia

One week after the Juniors and the Softball-Team the Swiss Baseball Nationalteam played its European Qualifier Tournament. It took place from July 27 till August 1 at Karlovac, Croatia. With Francisco Colindres and Tobias Siegrist two Challengers’ players were named into the roster by head coach Andy Fleischacker and with Thomas Burger and James Sanders two more Challengers were part of the staff. The Swiss faced Croatia, the Ukraine, Bulgaria and Slovenia. The Swiss finished in fifth place with a 1-3 record.


  • Monday, July 27: Switzerland vs. Croatia 2-9
  • Tuesday, July 28: Ukraine vs. Switzerland 12-10
  • Wednesday, July 29: Bulgaria vs. Switzerland 8-4
  • Thursday, July 30: Switzerland vs. Slovenia 5-3
  • Friday, July 31: Slovakia vs. Switzerland cancelled

For further informations go to the CEB tournament website.


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