Cardinals lose A-Pool spot by an inch

The Bern Cardinals lost the A-Pool spot at the European Cup Playoff tournament at the Heerenschürli ballpark. And it was close. The Cards missed first place by one run, as they lost their second game of the 3-day tournament on Sunday, September 22 to the Urkainian team KNTU Elizavetgrad by the score of 3-8. Despite beating the Senart Templiers from France on Friday, as the Cardinals posted a 7-0 shutout win, they finished in second place behind KNTU due to the tie-breaker rules. With all three teams finishing with a 1-1 record, KNTU's TQB (Teams Quality Balance) was 0.059 ahead of the Cardinals' TQB. So the 2013 Swiss Baseball Champion will play the European Cup Qualifier tournament in 2014.


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