Challengers Generalversammlung

Die diesjährige Challengers Generalversammlung wird am Sonntag, 6. Dezember stattfinden. Für Aktivmitglieder ist die Teilnahme obligatorisch. Weitere Informationen werden in Kürze folgen.


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  1. Hello, I recently applied for the Swiss national team head coach position but, of course, was not selected, however I am interested in managing your team either in 2016 or 2017. Recently Chris Palatinus informed me that you may be interested in hiring me. Please read the information below to get a good idea of my experience and my connection to Swiss baseball.

    My history and love story with Swiss baseball goes back to when I was a young envoy coach for MLBI assigned to Switzerland. I spent most of the time in the summers of 1994 and 1995 with JP Motl and the Zurich Barracudas. Since then I have managed at the independent professional minor league level ( North American League-Pacific Association), been a GM for two teams in Italy (IBL and A2), hitting instructor for the Codogno Jaguars (A2) and have a co-managed baseball camps in Austria, France, Swiss, and Italy in the many years I have been involved with European baseball.

    I believe I know more about the needs of the European player and what it takes to make them successful than most. For me, part of the answer lies in hero building. Teaching the fundamentals of baseball to our youth is of course another element, but, the importance to follow and learn by example from the more experienced players can be a very powerful tool for a young player to learn from in order to get to the next level. There is much more than teaching the same fundamentals over and over. By putting a familiar human face to the fundamental or the game, a young player can start to form an identity for himself (or herself). This very powerful. It will offer a new dimension for growth.

    I would create a mentor program that would work and build relationships with the young players (for example your juniors). If you think about our youth as our future stars, then a major part of that concept is placed squarely on the shoulders of the senior team players, the manager, and the coaches. Of course my primary objective will be to train and teach our senior team players how to compete at a higher level and to win at the international level. My style is to teach how to win as I would teach my professionals in the past. We can be a true contender in the league. My experience managing a professional team at the minor league level and competing with teams at that same level will qualify me for preparing the players to compete at a higher level. I am a trained in America, I played professionally in Italy and in Canada, but I have a huge heart for European baseball and I will contribute and sacrifice whatever I can to make baseball better for everybody that wants to learn how to win and get to the next level..
    Thank you for your consideration…………….Joe Morello

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