Hightower, Barracudas shut down Challengers

The Challengers lost the local derby against the Zürich Barracudas on Tuesday night, as the Barracudas clinched the playoff spot, while the C’s have been eliminated for the second time since 1996. The Barracudas opened the game with a three-run in-the-park-homer in the first frame and Kody Hightower tossed nine magnificient innings, as the Barracudas posted a 7-0 shutout victory over the C’s. Hightower went 4-for-4 with a homer and two doubles and drove in four runs, while Nderim Coma selt the deal with a two-run shot over the center field wall in the fifth inning to make it 7-0. Tobias Siegrist delivered two hits for the Challengers, while Yanik Probst and Adrian Kämpfer had one hit apiece.

The Challengers will face the Luzern Eagles on Sunday, September 4 in what will be a battle for fifth place, as both teams have a 10-16 record.


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