New Heerenschuerli

The new Heerenschürli will be ready in the next couple of days, so it’s a good time to reflect on the history of the ballpark.

It took eight years before the Zurich baseball clubs got a more or less suitable field to play baseball on. The city of Zurich found some space on the Heerenschürli sports complex to build a provisional baseball field. At the end of the 1980’s, four clubs with more than 10 teams where playing on that field: The Challengers, Barracudas, Lions and Coconuts. Soon, the limit was reached, and the trend continued to grow or least remain steady. By 2004, there were 6 Swiss Championship celebrations on the Heerenschürli, and 13 of all the 28 Swiss Champions titles went to Zurich (8x Challengers, 3x Lions, 2x Barracudas).

Combined with the age of the entire sports complex, the city of Zurich decided in 2002 to renovate the entire complex that would include a baseball field that comforts to international standards. Work on the new complex started in Summer 2008, and now finally, the field will be ready to be christened on April 17, with a classical derby between the Challengers and the Barracudas.

To read a more detailed story on the history of baseball in Zurich, check out Serge Künzler’s entry at the Zurich Federation’s website.


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