NLB-Team’s uphill struggle unrewarded

The NLB-Team showed a strong performance on Sunday against the Hünenberg Unicorns but was unrewarded, as the C’s lost twice after 7 and a half hours of marathon-baseball at the Heerenschürli. The Challengers erased a four run deficit in Game 1 to eventually lose it in the eight inning after a five minute break due to an injury, as the Unicorns scored three times to make it 7-5. The C’s cut the deficit to one run in the ninth but left the tying run stranded at second.
In Game 2 the two teams combined for 23 runs in the first three innings, before exchanging zeros on the scoreboard in all but three half-innings for the rest of the game. Nick Lehmann belted a grand slam and drove in seven runs, Daniele Carrozza had three hits and Alex Keating and Jan Stuchlik had a double each, as the C’s lost 11-17.


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