The Cadets’ dominant streak continues

The Challengers Cadets team once again made the statement that they are the team to beat this year by collecting two blow-out wins on Saturday, May 24th in Wil. Rookie Korey Kovac’s and captain Gabe Staub’s amazing pitching performance is exactly what the Challengers needed to beat the Kobras in Game 1. The two pitchers combined for the Cadets first no-hitter since last years game against the Indians. Kovac gave up only three walks while striking out four in three innings as the Challengers easily took out the Kobras 17-0. Staub then finished the game with a two strikeout fourth. The Cadets also ran all over the Kobras and finished Game 1 with 17 stolen bases. Carl Varnauskas stole five bases, but the Challengers hitting highlight was Brent Jozwiak’s three for four day. Jozwiak had two doubles and knocked in four while crossing the plate three times.

The Cadets did not stop swinging and pitching in the second game against the Lions/Rainbows/Bandits as they walked off the field with a one-hitter, 16-0 win. Once again Kovac brought his A-game to the field and threw another three quality innings giving up only two walks and striking out three. Alex Merlini fourth inning appearance on the mound got off to a great start by striking out the first batter. He then gave up the C’s only hit, a shot to right-center which went for a triple. Gabe Staub then showed that he is Switzerland’s top catcher prospect by picking off the baserunner on third three pitches later. The pitchers only pitched to a total of 13 batters over four innings, Staub caught another runner on second which helped his pitchers cruise through. The Challengers batters showed extreme discipline at the plate by striking out only three times. The Cadets also hit five triples, Varnauskas had two, Staub added another two and “newbie” Danilo Schneider also hit his first three-baser of the season.


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