Ups and downs for the NLB-Team

The NLB-Team escaped with a split with the leader of the Group A, the Jona Bandits, on Saturday at the Heerenschürli ballpark. Both games went one way. In Game 1 the Challengers were far away from what they are abled to play, while the Bandits’ bats caught fire early on. So the guests were leading 11-1 after two frames and held on for an easy 17-6 win. In Game 2 the Challengers improved a lot, as they posted a 14-2 victory. On Saturday, August 15 the C’s will face the Thun Hunters at Thun in the battle for the last playoff spot. So far the advantage is on the Challengers’ side, as they would clinch the playoff berth with a split.


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