Siegrist takes home hardware

Tobias Siegrist earned his second MVP award in a row, as he was presented with the trophy at the General Assembly on November 26. Siegrist led all players with a .367 batting average, 29 hits, 43 total bases and 23 runs scored. He finished second in homers and RBI’s with 2 and 18, respectively. Winner in those two categories was Anthony Bennett with five homers and 23 RBI’s, earning him the Best Batter award. His .452 batting average didn’t qualify because of lack of plate appearances. Thomas Burger walked away with the Best Pitcher award, going 5-3 with a 3.93 ERA (7th best in Challengers history) and 6 complete games. And all this just one year after receiving the Rookie Of The Year trophy in 2005. Harry Bregy was named both Best Fielder and Most Improved Player. He committed only one single error in 22 games at first base and in center field, and posted significantly better numbers at the plate than he did in 2005. Serge Künzler was presented with the Sportsmanship Award for outstanding work for the entire organization.
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GMail als neuer Challengers Mailserver

Die Mailserver von sind umgestellt. Alle Mails können in einem neuen, separaten GMail-Account aufgerufen werden. Um euch einzuloggen, könnt Ihr den folgenden Link benutzen: Dieser Link ist auch in der Linksnavigation zuunterst als "Your Mail" ersichtlich.
Wenn ihr wollt, könnt ihr die E-Mails von GMail durch Aktivierung des POP in den Einstellungen in einer Anwendung wie Outlook ansehen, und ihr könnt auch Weiterleitungen einrichten.
Anleitung zum Gebrauch von GMail für

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