Challengers lose to Flyers, rain

The Challengers lost twice against the Therwil Flyers on Sunday, July 15. The Challengers’ home games had to be played in Therwil, as the Heerenschürli ballpark is still closed after the July 3 flooding and the rain had a big impact also at the Känelmatt.

Game 1 was all Flyers, as they posted a 12-3 victory over the C’s in a 18-hit attack. Tobias Siegrist, Robert Sedin and Bryan Shemley had two hits apiece for the Challengers.

The Flyers were leading 3-1 in Game 2 after five innings again. And they added another run in the top of the sixth frame to make it 4-1. The Challengers answered right away, as Luigi Cinardi crossed the plate to cut the deficit to two runs. And the C’s even brought the tying run on base, as they had runners on first and second, as the sky opened the gates to wash the rally away. The umpires called the game due to heavy rain with the score of 3-1 after five innings.


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